The scope of this subcommittee is communication and networking in which most, or all, of the system resides on the nano-scale. This includes wireless nano-scale media in support of nano-robotics. Example media include carbon nanotubes, quantum dots, biological structures and molecular communication, and harnessing the advantages of quantum and hybrid classical/quantum effects for applications such as security and coding. This includes the goal of aiding the development of smart materials, nanoscale bio-medical applications, and nano-robotics.

This subcommittee exists to support the emerging community of engineers, academics, scientists and others who are developing communication networks on the nano-scale. Activities such as special sessions, symposia, tutorials and workshops in leading conferences will be vastly expanded to help provide the community with continuing updates about the burgeoning field of nanotechnology and nano-scale telecommunications in particular.

A goal of this committee will be to provide a network for required diverse specialties, some of which are in fields typically found outside the IEEE, to come together to advance nano-scale communications. Joint events, special journal issues and dedicated topical meetings will also be organized with relevant IEEE societies.