Meeting Notes

Boston 2008

Dear All:

Here are the minutes of the first meeting of Nano-Scale, Molecular, and Quantum Networking Committee of the IEEE Emerging Technologies Society. Please send me any corrections or omissions so that I can update this.


Andrew Eckford

Stephen F. Bush

Sanjay Goel

Aristides Requicha

Wei Wang


Date: September 15, 2008

The committee met for the first time and addressed several things including, organization, goals, and tasks to complete.

Organization: It was decided to keep the organization flat. Stephen F.

Bush was elected the president of the committee unanimously.


Goal: To promote the topic of nano-scale, molecular, and quantum computing in IEEE conferences. Each person present was provided a target conference to promote this area.

ICCCN – Stephen F. Bush

INFOCOM – Sanjay Goel


Int. Symp. On Circuits and Systems – Wei Wang Information Theory

Society (Andrew Eckford)

Conference on Information Science and Systems-(Andrew Eckford)

ICRA/IROS -(Aristides Requicha)

Change of Scope: Ari recommended that Micro be added to the scope of the committee along with Nano. This was unanimously accepted.


Meetings: It was decided to meet at one of the conferences each year (perhaps the Nano Networks conference).


Journal Support: The committee would consider sponsoring “IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology”


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